Why should I be your copywriter?

 When you need unobtrusive but authoritative words, keep me in mind.  It would pay to put my vast experiences, education, and training to work for you. I supply spot-on sales letters, newsworthy press releases, and interesting and original copy and content.

My style flexes to meet your needs. I’ll find a unique angle, a witty and urbane approach, or if you need a more academic presentation, I do that as well. Let my vivid and engaging style bring you increased responses and sales.

Why should I be your technical writer?

 I have over eight years of experience performing various duties on several software design teams. I wrote business analysis reports, software design specification documents, application documentation and help files as well as worked as a Visual Basic coder. During that time, I became proficient in several technologies including Visual Basic.net, VBA ,HTML, Asp.net and SQL. I am proficient in SQL Server and Access databases and have a decent familiarity with Oracle.

I have studied mechanical engineering and also have experience in physical plant operations down to the boiler room level. From work as a paralegal in my father’s law offices, I understand legal terminology and have a good understanding of medical terminology and procedures as well. From my experience as a contractor, I can safely say, If it can be done to a home, I have either sold it or done it.

I have the experience you need to bring credibility to your technical content.